Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is comprised of leading perioperative specialists in anesthesia, medicine and surgery.

Rebecca Auer, University of Ottawa Mohit Bhandari, McMaster University
Gregory Bryson, University of Ottawa PJ Devereaux, McMaster University
Emmanuelle Duceppe, University of Montreal Dean Fergusson, University of Ottawa
Claudia Gomez, University of Ottawa Michelle Graham, University of Alberta
John Harlock, McMaster University Manoj Lalu, University of Ottawa
Paul MacDonald, Cape Breton University Su-Yin MacDonell, University of British Columbia
Janet Martin, Western University Finlay McAlister, University of Alberta
Michael McGillion, McMaster University Joel Parlow, Queen’s University
Ameen Patel, McMaster University Donald Redelmeier, University of Toronto
Daniel Sessler, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio Steve Shadowitz, University of Toronto
Erin Sloan, University of British Columbia Sadeesh Srinathan, University of Manitoba
Sharon Stern, Mercy Medical Centre, Ohio Vikas Tandon, McMaster University
Maria Tiboni, McMaster University Gerrit Winkelaar, University of Alberta
Cynthia Yarnold, University of British Columbia Kelly Zarnke, University of Calgary