Accreditation: This event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society. You may claim a maximum of 9 hours (credits are automatically calculated).

Thursday, November 11

17:00-20:00 – Oral Research Competition

Opening Remarks
PJ Devereaux, Population Health Research Institute
Ameen Patel, McMaster University

Moderator: Emmanuelle Duceppe, Population Health Research Institute

17:00 – 18:00 – Graduate Student/Trainee Oral Presentations
18:15 – 19:15 – Resident and Fellow Oral Presentations
19:30 – 20:20 – Junior and Mid-Career Faculty Oral Presentations

Friday, November 12

Session 1: Bariatric, Cardiac, and Ortho Surgery and ERAS

17:00 – Session Welcome
Moderator: Alexandra Allard-Coutu, McMaster University

17:05-17:20 – Review of the results and clinical implications of the LAAOS III Trial  
Richard Whitlock, McMaster University

17:25-17:40 – The ABCs of perioperative medical management of patients pre and post bariatric/metabolic surgery
Marko Mrkobrada, Western University

17:45-18:00 – Review of the results and clinical implications of the VISION Cardiac Surgery
Emilie Belley-Côté, Population Health Research Institute

18:05-18:20 – Are Implant Trials the Answer to Improving Hip Fracture Outcomes?
Mohit Bhandari, McMaster University

18:25-18:40 – The HIP ATTACK 1 Trial Results and application in clinical practice

Flavia Borges, McMaster University

18:45-19:00 – Fireside Chat: Perioperative Nutritional Support 
Rebecca Auer, University of Ottawa
Shawn Forbes, McMaster University
Margherita Cadeddu, McMaster University

19:05-19:20 – Six vs Twelve Weeks of Antibiotic Therapy for Prosthetic Infection
Shariq Haider, McMaster University

19:25-19:40 – What is ERAS and what is the evidence to support ERAS
Shawn Forbes, McMaster University

19:45-20:10 – Chain Reaction Panel: Discussion of left atrial appendage closure in patients with, or at risk of, atrial fibrillation
Emilie Belley-Côté, Population Health Research Institute
Kim Styles, Dalhousie University
William McIntrye, Population Health Research Institute

Saturday, November 13

Session 2: Virtual Care and Remote Automated Monitoring (RAM) Technology

10:00 – Session Welcome

Moderator: Vikas Tandon, McMaster University

10:05-10:20 – The SMARTVIEW Trial Results
Michael McGillion, McMaster University

10:25-10:40 – The PVC RAM Results
PJ Devereaux, Population Health Research Institute

10:45-11:00 – How to Set Up a Virtual Care Program-Physician Coverage and Escalations
Flavia Borges, McMaster University

11:05-11:20 – How to Set Up a Virtual Care Program – Nursing Coverage and Nursing Command Centre Results 
Jennifer Lounsbury, Hamilton Health Sciences
Carley Ouellette, Juravinski Hospital

11:25-11:40 – Virtual Care and RAM Technology – Family/Patient Perspective
Elizabeth Peter, University of Toronto

11:45-12:00 – Debate: Be it resolved that pre-operative consults should be abandoned and replaced by post-operative discharge consults

Pro: PJ Devereaux, Population Health Research Institute
Steve Shadowitz, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Don Redelmeier, Sunnybrook Research Institute

12:05-12:20 – Remote Automated Monitoring (RAM) and AI/Machine Learning
Sonny Kohli, McMaster University

12:25-12:40 – Fireside Chat: Implementing a Post Pandemic Perioperative Virtual Care Program
Michael Jacka, University of Alberta
Flavia Borges, McMaster University
Rahima Nenshi, McMaster University
Vikas Tandon, McMaster University

12:45 – 14:00 – Break

Session 3: Anesthesia and Perioperative Care & Postoperative Pain

14:00-14:05 – Session Welcome 
Moderator: Joel Parlow, Queen’s University

14:05-14:20 – Restrictive vs. liberal fluid therapy (Relief Trial) 
Kate Leslie, Royal Melbourne Hospital

14:25-14:40 – Perioperative Dexamethasone and SS infection (PADDI Trial) 
Tomas Corcoran, University of Western Australia

14:45-15:00 – Light vs. deep anesthesia (BALANCE Trial) 
Tim Short, Auckland City Hospital

15:05-15:20 – Complications of obstructive sleep apnea (POSA study) 
Matthew Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong

15:25-15:40 – Prevention of chronic post-surgical pain
Ian Gilron, Queen’s University

15:45-16:00 – Perioperative systemic lidocaine
James Khan, McMaster University

16:05-16:30 – Panel on multimodal analgesia
Norm Buckley, McMaster University
Hance Clarke, Toronto General Hospital
Katarina Kojic, St. Paul’s Hospital

Research Competition and SPRC Awards Presentation

16:30-17:00 – Mix a Cocktail with Geoff Malcolm followed by Awards Announcements

Sunday, November 14

Session 4: Vascular and neurocognitive complications – Part I

11:00 – Session Welcome 
Moderator: PJ Devereaux, Population Health Research Institute

11:05-11:20 – Relationship between PFO and perioperative stroke
Lusine Abrahamyan, Toronto Health Economics and Technology Assessment (THETA)

11:25-11:40 – Perioperative AF after non-cardiac surgery prevention, detection, and management
David Conen, McMaster University

11:45-noon – Perioperative AF after cardiac surgery prevention, detection, and management
William McIntyre, Population Health Research Institute

12:05-12:20 – Update on perioperative VTE prophylaxis
Maura Marcucci, McMaster University

12:25-12:40 – Update on management of patients taking chronic anticoagulation undergoing non-cardiac surgery
James Douketis, McMaster University

12:45-13:00 – Debate: Thrombosis is more important than perioperative bleeding
Pro: Alex Spyropoulos, Northwell School of Medicine
Con: Gordon Guyatt, McMaster University
Moderator: Don Redelmeier, Sunnybrook Research Institute

13:00-13:20 – Break

Session 4: Vascular and neurocognitive complications – Part II

Moderator: Amal Bessissow, McGill University

13:20-13:35 – Overview of AHA Scientific Statement on diagnosis and management of patients with MINS
Kurt Ruetzler, Cleveland Clinic

13:40-14:10 – Chain Reaction Panel: Discussion on new AHA scientific statement on MINS 
Nathaniel Smilowitz, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Daniel Sessler, Cleveland Clinic
Emmanuelle Duceppe, Population Health Research Institute
Giovanna Lurati Buse, University Hospital of Basel
Vikas Tandon, McMaster University
Paul MacDonald, Cape Breton Regional Hospital
Kurt Ruetzler, Cleveland Clinic

14:15-14:30 – Effect of cardiology consults in patients with MINS
Jungchan Park, Samsung Medical Center

14:35-14:50 – The value in measuring postoperative troponin in patients with a low RCRI or NSQIP score
Sunil Vasireddi, Stanford University

14:50-15:00 – Closing Remarks

PJ Devereaux, Population Health Research Institute
Ameen Patel, McMaster University