2019 Debate

Sessler v Young

Physicians in the perioperative setting should focus on absolute blood pressure measurements instead of relative changes in blood pressure measurements from the patient’s baseline measurement


2018 Debates

Meyhoff vs Kurz


Is there a need for further trials evaluating intraoperative supplemental oxygen during surgery?

Devereaux vs Srinathan


Should perioperative medicine move towards a unifying single inter-disciplinary perioperative medicine service made up of interested anesthesiologists, medicine specialists, and surgeons to co-manage patients after surgery and into the home setting?

McIntyre vs Conen


Patients with new post-operative atrial fibrillation should receive therapeutic-dose anti- coagulation for at least 6-12 months

Devereaux vs McGillion


Within a year of publishing a clinical study, researchers should make the data available to all other qualified outside scientists

2017 Debates

Devereaux vs Neary


Do remote automated non-invasive monitors represent the next major paradigm change in perioperative medicine?

Devereaux vs Guyatt


Should we move from traditional large individual patient randomized controlled trials (RCTs) towards cluster cross-over RCTs in the perioperative setting?