Grants and Awards

The SPRC established its awards program in 2019 to recognize and promote scholarship in Perioperative Medicine.  Nominated individuals must be a member of the Society. The deadline for all nominations to be submitted is October 5, 2020. Submissions after this deadline will not be accepted. Information on decisions will be shared in confidence with the recipient and nominator before public disclosure. All awards will be presented at the Annual Perioperative Care Congress (Nov 6-8, 2020). All award recipients will receive complimentary registration for the Congress.  All award recipients will receive an honorary award.

Nominees who are not selected as award winners will not receive official notification.  Nominees not selected as the award winner in any given year may be nominated in subsequent years provided a new nomination package is submitted.  Details on specific awards and the terms of reference for each award are included below.

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee will be responsible for selecting all award winners.  The committee can have up to ten members including the Chair. All committee members are required to be members of the Society. The President of the Society will serve as the Chair of the Awards Committee or may designate an alternate Chair. The Society Board of Directors will select members of the Awards Committee. Committee members will possess knowledge of the Society, award Terms of Reference and experience and expertise in adjudicating awards and/or grant applications.

The usual term of office for committee members is two years, renewable twice to a maximum of six years. All terms shall follow the Society’s: January 1-December 31. Participation as a committee member is voluntary and members will not receive any remuneration. The committee will have an annual face to face meeting at the discretion of the Chair. All other meetings will be held through teleconferencing.  A quorum will consist of a majority of the voting members of the committee. The Chair will have a vote constituting quorum.